Success Stories

Zed Partners has proven experience solving a wide range of Technology, Project Management and Operations challenges. Samples of these challenges are described in the following examples.


  1. A major private high school system needed to revamp their technology strategy and bring runaway costs under control.
  2. A manufacturer of air quality products needed to define a solution to track and manage their field inventory.
  3. A high-tech manufacturer needed to manage their business better by determining operating metrics relevant to their business model and key change levers to drive growth.
  4. A retail business needed to understand the purchasing behavior of their most frequent and most valuable customers to drive revenue increase.


  1. Global logistics company had an IT project for implementing a software package upgrade that was behind schedule, over budget and multiple competing vendor priorities.
  2. Regional automotive services start-up needed a program executive to manage the platform build out initiative and continue to grow the operations of the business while they secured funds to hire a chief executive.


  1.  Company sales were lagging thereby requiring operational costs to be lowered to maintain overall profitability.
  2.  Merge the business unit of a support services provider and the associated employees into the operations of the acquiring company.
  3.  The immigration process for visa approvals was averaging over five months per case, which caused delays in project staffing and delivery commitments.