Zed Partners LLC is a technology and business consulting firm. Our clients hire us to solve their strategic challenges, build smart solutions, engage their customers, and organize and optimize their operations. Our services are organized around four practice areas:

Technology Practice: Our Technology Practice provides technology services across the entire spectrum of strategy through implementation and ongoing maintenance. The core services include requirement definition and business analysis, package selection and implementation, financial management and vendor management. We also provide extended services such as programming, help desk and network support services, which are delivered in conjunction with our trusted partners.

Management Practice: Our Management Practice helps our clients manage their key initiatives whether they are straightforward projects or a program consisting of multiple related initiatives. We enable efficiency in executing and managing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcomes. We develop and implement practices and processes for managing projects using best practices, but blending them into your organization.

Operations Practice: Our Operations Practice services the needs for all back office functions in a typical small- to medium-sized business. The core services include cost management, office administration, contracts management, facilities management, and immigration. We also provide extended services such as HR, benefits and payroll management, insurances, and internal audits, which are delivered in conjunction with our trusted partners.

Startup Practice: Our Startup Practice services the new startups in the Portland metro area with all the needs of a new company. These services range from us making angel/seed investments into these companies, helping then recruit the best for management and board positions to providing them strategy and operations guidance and mentoring.